Is your landscape cluttered with tree stumps?

Whether they are from softwood or hardwood trees, you should consider removing them.

While many homeowners turn a blind eye to tree stumps, believing they cause little or no harm, this isn’t always the case.

On the contrary, there are several reasons why you should remove tree stumps in your landscape.

#1) Tree Stumps Attract Pests

Another reason to remove tree stumps in your landscape is to protect against pests.

Assuming the stump is dead, it will likely begin to rot and decay. When this occurs, it will attract pests, the most notable being termites.

These termites may then make their way into your home, potentially causing thousands of dollars in structural damage.


#2) Tree Stumps Can Interfere With Lawn Maintenance

You’ll have an easier time mowing and maintaining your lawn if all the tree stumps are removed.

When mowing your lawn, you won’t have to worry about running into a tree stump. As a result, you can mow your lawn more quickly and efficiently.


#3) Tree Stumps Pose a Safety Hazard

Did you know that tree stumps can pose a safety hazard?

Short tree stumps are particularly problematic because they are difficult to spot. If someone is running on your lawn, they could accidentally trip and fall on a tree stump.


#4) Tree Stumps Consume Space

Of course, you’ll have more space by removing the tree stumps from your landscape.

Depending on the size of your landscape, removing the stump or stumps could open the doors to a world of landscaping applications. You could use the space to create a compost pile, build a flowerbed or simply plant a new tree.


#5) Tree Stumps Hurt Your Landscape’s Aesthetics

You can improve the aesthetics of your landscape by removing the tree stumps.

Let’s face it, tree stumps aren’t attractive. They are an eyesore that, when left unchecked, will lower the overall aesthetics of your landscape.

To create an attractive and cohesive landscape, you should consider removing the tree stumps.


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