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Reasons to Trim or Prune a Tree

June 25, 2019, Author: admin

Aesthetics – Pruning a tree effectively helps to maintain its shape and appearance. However, you shouldn’t try to impose an unnatural shape or size on a tree. The amount of trimming and pruning that will be needed could seriously damage it. Safety – Dead or broken branches and limbs can fall off at any time, which is […]


The way a tree stump should look when finished!

February 11, 2019, Author: admin

Check out this tree stump that was located over in Hampton Cove had quite a few routes involved we were able to make it look very nice! Customer was advised when mowing to direct the grass towards the wood chips which Will deteriorate over the next Few months and grass will grow in full!  grin


Talk to a tree lately?

February 2, 2019, Author: admin

Talking to trees and flowers and plants is very therapeutic it can be peaceful in the trees respond with love remember they’re working 24/7 clean The air we breathe every day.


What is the best height for residential trees

February 1, 2019, Author: admin


Firewood Seasoning

February 1, 2019, Author: admin

Firewood/hardwood should be seasoned at nine months that’s as dry as it’s going to get and it’s perfect for a beautiful fire creating and atmosphere only a real fire can produce! We have two cords of firewood on the truck loaded and delivered to the customer next to his outdoor burner he uses it to […]


Pruning Repair

January 24, 2019, Author: admin

Not all trees heal up from pruning! The rest of this branch is dying and is going to have to be removed when looking at your trees look at the small holes, carpenter ants love coming through there!